I Heart Rail Trail: Lights, presented by U.S. Bank, is back and bigger this year. From February 19 – March 7, the Rail Trail will celebrate local art with these never-before-seen, interactive light installations. There’s no better way to experience South End. Stroll down the Rail Trail, enjoy one-of-a-kind art, take the perfect photo, grab a bite to eat or a drink and do it all again the next day.

Displays will span from Carson Blvd. to Atherton Mill.
Pro tip: Go at sunset for the best view.

The installations will look nothing like the displays last year, but they’ll still incorporate light into the presentation in some way. There will also be music and performances as well as other socially distant surprises.

All of the artists are local this year, including notable names such as Meredith Connelly, the artist behind the Whitewater Center’s ongoing light show, and Charlotte painter/muralist Sharon Dowell.

Full list of works:

  • “Light Beans” consists of a number of curved sculptures designed to “spark joy.” By artist Luvly Moon. (1100 South plaza)
  • “Threads” is a representation of Charlotte’s textile history with repurposed steel spools. Artist Kit Kube is a kinetic sculptor and has worked on displays at Discovery Place. (Charlotte Urban Design Center, 1507 Camden Rd.)
  • “Covid Confessionals” is a display of iridescent curved walls placed six-feet apart. It was created by architect Rachel Dickey. (Dimensional Fund Advisors plaza, 1616 S. Tryon St.)
  • “Lover’s Lighthouse” uses windows and light to form a moving mural by painters Sharon Dowell and Chris Holston. (1616 “Coop,” 1616 Camden Rd.)
  • “Seating ReArrangements” incorporates motion-illuminated seating by sculptor and furniture designer Ellie Richards. (Dilworth Artisan Station Plaza, 118 E. Kingston Ave.)
  • “Fairy Ring” by Meredith Connelly, the artist behind the Whitewater Center’s popular light show. (Atherton Plaza, 2102 South Blvd.)

Visit South End Charlotte’s Website for details.

All attendees are encouraged to interact with the art but also to remember the three W’s: wait 6 feet apart, wash your hands and wear your masks.

I Heart Rail Trail: Lights 2020

Fairy Ring photo by Rebrand Media.